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summaryiconThe Young Law Firm announces that it is investigating potential claims against the Board of Directors of Tellabs (“Tellabs” or the “Company”) related to the proposed acquisition of the Company by entities affiliated with Marlin Equity Partners. Under the terms of the transaction, shareholders will receive $2.45 per share in cash.

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This investigation concerns whether the Board of Directors of Tellabs breached their fiduciary duties by failing to maximize value to shareholders in the sale of the Company including whether the Board failed to adequately shop the Company before agreeing to enter into the proposed sale and whether the Company has disclosed all material information to shareholders about the transaction.

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Oct 21, 2013
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pressreleaseiconAttention Tellabs Shareholders: The Proposed Buyout of Tellabs (Nasdaq: TLAB) by Marlin Equity Partners Under Investigation By The Young Law Firm

Phoenixville, PA — The Young Law Firm, a national shareholder litigation firm, is investigating potential claims concerning the proposed acquisition of Tellabs (“Tellabs” or the “Company”) by entities affiliated with Marlin Equity Partners. The investigation concerns whether the proposed buyout price of $2.45 per share in cash, represents fair value for the sale of the Company and whether the interests of the Company’s public shareholders have been protected. The total equity value of the proposed transaction is approximately $891 million on a fully diluted basis.

Individual shareholders have rights. The Young Law Firm is seeking to speak with shareholders interested in ensuring that their rights are being protected. If you own shares of the Company and would like to learn more about the buyout of Tellabs please contact the Firm’s founder, Henry Young, at:

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Henry Young Esq., has over 10 years of experience litigating complex shareholder class action lawsuits, including cases resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars for shareholders. The Firm routinely works with and refers cases to other leading law firms around the country to enforce shareholder rights. For more information about the Firm and shareholder cases in general, please visit our website:

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